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There are many good books on the shelf for people who like to bake. To help you choose a gift for yourself or a friend, we have selected some of our favorites.

Cooking Baking and Decorating Books

I love books, if I had space I’d have my own library.

A list of some of the fabulous books that are perfect for basic cooking and baking skills, as well as pretty decorating. This will certainly help you have fun in the kitchen!

Cooking & baking


From my favorite bloggers

Cake decorating

I do love reading and looking at how cake experts view their projects. How they are inspired and how they draw a design from their inspiration. 

Over the last few years, I have purchased many many cake-decorating books. Some are worth every penny I spent. Those are the ones I am sharing with you here. That does not mean the others are not worth buying of course.


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